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Pastor Tim & Gale Parton were both born into families with a deep rooted musical heritage. Sevierville, Parton Music, well you get the picture. Tim & Gale`s love for gospel music would bring them together and their love for God and each other would unite them in marriage.
Blessed with God given talents to play instruments, sing, and write songs, God has used them all over the United States and Canada to spread the gospel message. Tim has also been the host of many TV Shows and Radio Programs. Now pastoring a church was something Tim thought that God would one day call him into, but it always seemed to be out in the future. In early 2014 while on one of their ministry road trips, Tim & Gale began sharing their hearts with each other concerning their ministry and what God was placing in their hearts. Feeling a strong desire to be in God`s will, they both knew it was time to come off the road and to plant a new church. With no ready building, congregation, money or anything else they thought would be needed to begin a church, they simply placed their faith in God and His call and trusted Him to guide them one step at a time. “Abundant Life Worship Center” was the name God placed on their heart to call the new church.
Abundant: God is more than enough
Life: God`s Breath
Worship: God Inhabits our Praise
Center: God First

Next God gave the church motto:
Livin It
Believin It
Receivin It
God`s Abundant Life

God soon supplied the building: The Sevierville Civic Center and on August 3, 2014, Abundant Life Worship Center held their first Worship Service with 42 people in attendance. Our God is faithful. We are excited about the vision God has given us and the direction that God is leading the church in. We invite you to come visit, share in a great experience and be Blessed.
Pastor Tim & Gale Parton.

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